EnviroKure manufactures and distributes pathogen-free, liquid organic fertilizers for agriculture, hydroponics, professional turf, and home & garden

Our patented process up-cycles raw manure eliminating pathogens, and creating a consistent, high-quality product, with no offensive residual odors. This product benefit is unique in today’s fertilizer marketplace. Additionally, our premium liquid fertilizers accommodate all current application methods with ease and convenience.

The EnviroKure team provides the highest-quality, organic fertilizers through a patented, zero-waste process. Our mission is to bring a sustainable solution to improving soil quality while reducing the growing burden of excess poultry manure.

With our plant located in Philadelphia, PA on the banks of the Delaware River, the EK team is passionate about improving water quality by reducing the runoff from the overabundance of poultry manure. We are dedicated to providing a viable alternative to synthetic fertilizers and an environmentally-friendly resource to organic farmers.

Organic fertilizer alternatives, such as hydrolyzed fish, cannot equal the cost-efficient, rapid production offered by EnviroKure. Our use of poultry manure as a renewable primary resource insures future growth and sustainability, while creating a beneficial use for this typically harmful by-product of industrial scale chicken production.

We are one of the only companies that are able to meet the demands of large volume customers without the concerns of limitations on the base input.

Leadership Team

Mark Lupke, Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Mark cofounded EnviroKure fascinated by the concept of taking a potentially toxic agricultural waste and turning it, without public subsidy, into a high value, sustainable fertilizer. His experience as a serial entrepreneur, leading companies ranging from internet services, digital imaging, and telecom to bottled water from concept to successful commercialization. Additionally, he has acted as a consultant to independent investors evaluating early stage companies for viability and providing guidance in turn-around scenarios. Prior to his work with early stage companies, he worked in mergers and acquisitions with the investment bank Alex. Brown & Sons.

Joseph Steck, Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer

Joe started EnviroKure to help a colleague who was looking for a way to address the growing environmental issue in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed caused by chicken manure.  While working to reduce excess phosphorus and pathogens associated with chicken manure, he created a high value, zero waste organic fertilizer.  Additionally, his desire to reduce the impact of chemicals on food for his family has been a key personal driver.  While the company and the technology has come a long way since the early days in a rented garage space, Joe’s 27+ years of entrepreneurial experience in wholesale distribution and operations, and his ability to build teams has been fundamental to the EnviroKure success story.

Chris Chipman, Chief Financial Officer

Chris is a seasoned CFO and CPA with a driving interest in using technology to improve our lives and our world. The potential of EnviroKure’s innovative technology to solve a major waste issue and improve soil brought him to the company in 2015. Prior to EnviroKure was CFO and Secretary of a publicly held mining and exploration company, increasing market capitalization from $40 million to $420 million and reserves in excess of 200%, before successfully negotiating the $420 million sale at a 67% premium over market price.

Sonia Nofziger Dasgupta, VP Commercial Strategy

Sonia’s interest in EnviroKure started within a few months of the company’s founding, first as an investor, then joining the team full-time in 2013. Developing commercial strategy for agricultural and pharmaceutical companies like DuPont, Rhone Poulenc/Merial, Merck, Amgen, as well as three start-ups, provided a solid background for her role developing business and marketing strategy at EnviroKure. Additionally, she spent seven years in Washington, D.C. working on agricultural policy with the National Corn Growers and as agricultural legislative aide for both Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Congressman Jim Nussle (R-IA).

Sushil Bhalla, PhD, Technical Coordinator

Sushil is a Chemical Process Engineer who has solved technology problems for over 30 years for FMC, J.M. Huber and their clients. When he joined EnviroKure, developing technology to convert chicken manure to premium liquid fertilizer seems didn’t seem like a significant challenge that would take several years. And certainly not one that would drive him to expand his know of microbiology and soil science as he led the team to optimize the EnviroKure technology. His experience as a specialist in process development and scale up for new technologies has been vital to the EnviroKure success. He holds 6 U.S. Patents and has published several papers on the development and commercialization of new technologies.

Ward Wright, Director of Sales

While Ward never imagined that his 30+ years of experience as a sales executive and management trainer for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups would lead to selling to farmers, he now can’t imagine why he ever wanted to do anything else. He has been part of the EnviroKure team since 2012, working on product development and leading the sales team. Over the past several years, he has become a frequent speaker on organic soil management and inputs at organic farming conferences, bring the practical knowledge he discusses daily with farmers to larger audiences.

Devon Hooper, MBS, Research Scientist & Quality Control Manager

Devon is a biomedical scientist with a passion for growing plants & farming.  Prior to joining EnviroKure, he was enlisted and later commissioned as an officer in the United States Army, was an Adjunct Professor of Science, and did primary and secondary metabolite research on prokaryotic organisms.  He has been experimenting with hydroponics and gardening since he was 10, growing cotton, hops and tobacco, as well as traditional garden and field crops.

Peter Matrai, Global Corporate Development Director

Peter has an extensive background in developing disruptive technology-driven businesses in the sustainability-space, including launching and licensing ventures in different industries and geographies. His experience includes leading Butamax, a biofuel and biochemical technology development and commercialization company owned by BP and DuPont, as COO and CFO. While he is one of the newest members of the EnviroKure team, he is no less passionate about our mission to bring a sustainable solution to improving soil quality and reducing the growing burden of chicken manure.


Tom Jensen

Tom is a sustainability-oriented executive and the founding CEO of Agrinos from 2009 through 2013, a current market leader in the agricultural biologics. He is currently a partner with SYSTEMIQ, an advisory and investment firm in the sustainability space focusing on turning market failures into standout investment opportunities.

Amy Larkin

Amy, a lifelong environmentalist and social entrepreneur, is the author of Environmental Debt: The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy. As Director of Greenpeace Solutions, she led an international collaboration with the consumer goods industry to eliminate super-greenhouse gas HFC from refrigeration systems, resulting in a 1-2% decrease in global greenhouse gas emissions over the next 40 years. Amy was recently Vice Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Climate Change.

Wayne Surles, Ph.D.

Dr. Surles has led research, business development and strategic planning efforts for agriculture and specialty chemical companies for over 30 years, both internally and as a consultant. In addition, he has regulated pesticides and enforced state and EPA codes. His broad view bridges between industry and regulatory environments, providing solid risk management guidance in environmental issues, food production, and overall market development.

Larry Hepner

Larry recently retired as Professor of Agronomy and Environmental Sciences at Delaware Valley University after 24 years and has remained Co-Director of the University’s Regenerative Land Institute. He farms 45 organic acres in the Western Catskills of New York where he raises vegetables, hay, and some livestock.

Janet Reed, J.D. Ph.D.

Dr. Janet Reed heads the intellectual property practice at Potter Anderson Corroon and holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry and a Master’s degree in plant pathology.  Prior to entering patent law, she accumulated ten years of laboratory experience in biochemistry, molecular biology and plant physiology/pathology, in graduate research and as a visiting postdoctoral research scientist at DuPont.

Mike Twining

Mike, VP of Sales & Marketing, is responsible for sales growth, product and brand development, and the sales and sales support staff for Willard Agri-Service, a highly recognized agri-service company that manufactures, sells and applies custom liquid fertilizers. Through his initiative, Willard has expanded into organic agriculture.