EnviroKure produces pathogen-free, liquid biofertilizers and biostimulants for agriculture, horticulture and indoor crop production

Our patented process transforms raw chicken manure, eliminating pathogens and creating consistent, high-quality products with no food safety harvest restrictions.  Additionally, our premium liquid organic biofertilizers accommodate current application methods and systems with ease and convenience.

EnviroKure increases crop yields, offering better returns for farmers.

  • EnviroKure enhances soil health and plant productivity, leading to increased carbon sequestration
  • EnviroKure reduces waste and runoff hazards caused by chicken manure and potentially reduces use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides
  • Plants treated with EnviroKure are visibly healthier and more resilient to drought and other abiotic stress
  • Our highly efficient, zero-waste system utilizes chicken manure, a nutrient rich but environmentally challenging waste stream. Our process is secured by 3 awarded patents, 4 patents pending, broadtrade secrets and a strategic IP pipeline.

EnviroKure liquid biologic amendments and organic biofertilizers
stimulate dynamic microbial activity to improve soil and plant health
– whatever you grow

Field Crops

Fruits & Vegetables

Indoor Agriculture Hydroponics

Five Products for Your Success

EK-L BioStim

EK-L Super K

EK-L Plant Builder
3-0-3 with 1% Sulfur

EK-L Plant Builder PLUS
3-0-6 with 2% Sulfur

EK-L Plant Builder GROW
3-2-3 with 1% Sulfur

Why Chicken Manure?

Chicken manure offers one of the highest and most balanced natural fertilizers. But the high levels of pathogens and the possibility of nitrogen burn (not to mention the odor) make it difficult to utilize in commercial agriculture, turf management or horticulture. With the booming growth of the global poultry industry, the supply of raw poultry manure exceeds the demand for its use as a fertilizer. This creates an environmental concern, since when disposed of improperly, poultry manure can lead to significant water quality problems and environmental hazards. For more about pollution and industrial poultry production in America see the Pew Charitable Trust Big Chicken Report.