Our strawberries were beyond compare!

We started using EnviroKure in our hoop houses in 2015 and are now using EK-L Plant Builder 3-0-3 unsupplemented throughout our covered operation. Not only did we have an exceptional strawberry crop, but our golden beets, leafy greens and edible owers exceeded our expectations as well.”

— Lew & Kay Hall, Aloe Organics, Arcadia, Florida

I would recommend it to any organic grower looking to start their corn crop off strong.

I have been trying to find a solution to get my organic corn crop off to a strong start. After using EK-L 3-0-3 with 1% Sulfur, my corn has never looked better. It emerged with great color and has never slowed down. The product handled great with minimal issues of flowability.”

– John Painter, Painterland Farms, Westfield, PA.

My organic hay has never looked better!

We used 5 gallon/acre of EK-L BioBoost at green-up and have seen significant improvement in color. The yields have increased by 25% and we have decided to use this product on our winter wheat this year.”

― Jeff Bruno, Bruno Farms, Lenhartsville, PA Organic Hay & Winter Wheat

This product is MAINTENANCE-FREE!

We had been using fish fertilizers through our organic Valencia peanuts for several years and were frustrated with the clogged sprayer heads and constant mixing required to keep the fish fertilizer from settling. We have been using EnviroKure since 2015, and this year we plan to use it on our watermelons as well.

– Willy Loewen, Loewen Farms Seminole, TX & Lovington, NM