Can it be blended with synthetic inputs?

EnviroKure works in concert with synthetic inputs to improve performance with the potential to reduce chemical use.

Are EnviroKure products Organic? Do they meet current FDA Food Safety standards?

Yes, all products meet USDA Organic and FDA Food Safety requirements for unrestricted use.

What field trial data is available?

A total of 110 plots across 7 states and 20,000 acres were conducted in 2018. These trials included both conventionally grown crops using GMO and non-GMO seed with average yield increase of 12% for corn and 4% for soybeans.

Additionally, 5 years of farmer-reported results available for conventional (2 years), organic and non-GMO crops including strawberries, leafy greens, alfalfa, hemp, corn, soybeans and wheat.

Scalability and Readiness?

  • Industrial scale facility in production since 2015
  • 2018 product application on over 50,000 acres, including 20,000 acres of third-party field trials
  • Expanding customer base of conventional and organic farmers in 42 U.S. states with international interest in licensing arrangements.

What special equipment is required for application?

None needed. The products are liquid and have been quality checked through 200 mesh filters to work with all spray and fertigation equipment. Most products can also be used in hydroponics and other soil-less growing systems.