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liquid biostimulant application

Unlock Your
Crop Potential

Stimulate plant growth throughout the season with EnviroKure naturally derived biostimulants and organic biofertilizers

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EnviroKure products directly affect plant productivity and enhance soil health, leading to higher yields and improved sustainability.

Earlier Emergence & More Uniformity

improving seedling vigor and more uniform plant stands

Improved Tolerance to Abiotic Stress

including improved drought tolerance 

Enhanced Root Structures

improving nutrient acquisition, plant resiliency, and soil quality 

Direct Impact on Soil Biodiversity

including beneficial bacteria and active metabolic compounds to stimulate dynamic microbial and soil enzymatic activity


Improved Availability of Primary and Secondary Nutrients

Nitrogen fixation, Phosphorus solubilization, and overall improved mobilization of plant nutrients

Better Crop Yields

across all regions and cropping systems

The New Standard in Biostimulants and Organic Biofertilizers

And the only bioengineered from chicken manure


EK-L BioStim

Our foundation product

A proven biostimulant with plant growth-promoting (PGP) compounds, nutrient solubilizing enzymes, and plant available macro and micro- nutrients. EK-L BioStim is an ideal foundation for your crop nutrition program.

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Our Products

EK-L Plant Builder 3-0-3 with 1% Sulfur

A combination of EK-L's proven biostimulant and organic nutrients. EK-L Plant Builder 3-0-3 provides the nutrients organic farmers need while also improving soil health and microbial diversity.

Blueberries vine fruit strawberries tomato

EK-L Super K 0-0-5 with 2% Sulfur

If you are looking to reduce mid-season stress, EK-L Super K 0-0-5 with 2% Sulfur provides all the benefits of EK-L plus plant growth, yield, and quality improving K and S.

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