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About Our Company

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About Our Company

EnviroKure was founded in 2011 to develop technology that provides sustainable solutions to issues caused by the over-abundance of chicken manure.  Over the past 10 years, the Company has developed disruptive technology that improves soil health that directly enhances plant health and productivity. 


The Company has grown from a garage project to being the only company to patent and commercialize biostimulant technology derived from nature’s finest fertilizer – chicken manure. With the new flagship production facility nearing completion in Hicksville, Ohio, EnviroKure will be able to produce biostimulants to service 4 million acres.  


Key Advisors

Sushil Bhalla, PhD · Mark Bryant · Jerry Duff · Tom Jenson · Amy Larkin ·  Thayne Larson · Peter Matrai · Gloverson Moro · Janet Reed, J.D. PhD · Mark Russell · Marco Toapanta, PhD

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