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EK-L BioStim

Naturally derived liquid biofertilizer with benefits from planting to harvest

EK-L BioStim for superior performance on all crops

Better Soil + Stronger Plants + Enhanced Stress Tolerance = Improved Yields

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Enhanced Soil Health

Increased soil biodiversity and signaling of microbial communities

Measureable Improvement.png

Measurable Improvement

in Nutrient Uptake, optimizing nitrogen-cycling, phosphorus and sulfur solubilization, and overall nutrient availability and acquisition

Improved Tolerence.png

Improved Tolerance

to Weather-related Stress, including excessive cold, heat, rainfall, and drought

Benefits From Planting to Harvest

EK-L BioStim is effective across crop and soil types, increasing biodiversity, stimulating root and shoot growth

EK-L BioStim provides the essentials you need to produce the results you want


Beneficial Microbes diversify and feed soil microbiome

Metabolites & Organic Acids for better roots, reduced stress, and more resilient plant

Amino Acids building blocks for all plant growth

Enzymes breakdown nutrients and organic matter for plant uptake

Bioavailable Nutrients are immediately available for young plants

Usable Carbon provides energy for plants and microbes to thrive

Garden Soil
"We started using BioStim five years ago as an in-furrow product. We have repeatedly seen visual results of enhanced root growth when compared to a 10-34-0 starter. In fact, we are so pleased with this product, that it has replaced all 10-34-0 in our crop program!"

Mark Bryant, Bryant Agricultural Enterprise, Washington Courthouse, OH

Start Your Crops Off Right

EK-L BioStim directly impacts plant productivity and enhances soil health to improve your yield. 


Two-year corn trials in central Ohio demonstrated EK-L BioStim’s positive influence on yield and ROI vs competitive starter options. A single 5-gallon in-furrow application of EK-L BioStim results in a 3.6x greater return than 10-34-0. Other noted benefits included overall crop uniformity and better tolerance to weather stresses. (Return/acre assumes $4.25/bu corn and $3.55/gal for 10-34-0.)

95% Positive Corn

96% Positive Soybean


FOLIAR: Boost your crop in season with
EK-L BioStim

Superior for Corn
Foliar Application @ 5 gal/acre

Superior for Soybeans
Foliar Application @ 5 gal/acre


Managing the Uncontrollable: Weather

You can have the best fertility plan and excellent seed, but you can’t control the negative impact of weather on your crops. EK-L BioStim helps plants cope with unexpected cold, heat, rainfall, and drought by building more resilient plants and a stronger response to weather-related stress.


EK-L BioStim is adaptable and easy to use

EK-L BioStim fits into your program and can be used alone or combined with most crop inputs. You can apply pre-plant, at-planting, or multiple in-season applications.


Soil, seed, and
plant safe


No clogging -
filtered through
250 mesh screens


No application restrictions - no re-entry or harvest

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