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Technology and Resources

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EnviroKure's patented and aqueous composting technology extracts nutrients and microbes from chicken manure.

Protected by 39 issued and pending patents worldwide, EnviroKure's sustainable technology upcycles waste to produce a unique combination of plant-available nutrients, plant-fortifying microbial compounds, and beneficial bacteria that act synergistically when applied to seeds, plants, or soil. EnviroKure products have proven beneficial biostimulatory effects and can be incorporated into any liquid fertilizer. EnviroKure’s technology produces and delivers a broad array of beneficial compounds and microbes known to promote plant growth and mitigate many of the biotic and abiotic stresses that crops may encounter during the growing season.

EnviroKure can be used at any stage of plant growth and with any spray or fertigation methods.

By extracting nutrients and microbes from animal waste, EnviroKure's technology upcycles an abundant waste stream into a powerful crop input usable in all modern agriculture systems – organic, regenerative, conventional, dryland & irrigated, hydroponic & soil-less. This gives farmers the flexibility to apply as needed to improve crop yields, plant health, and soil resiliency.

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