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High Impact MidSeason Foliar on Beans

Applying foliar biofertilizers, like EK-L BioStim, to soybeans can enhance nutrient uptake, improve plant health, and increase yields. And BioStim fits into your program as it can be applied throughout the growing season

  1. Early Vegetative Stage (V3-V4):

  • At this stage, soybeans are developing their root structures, root nodulation, and canopy. Early nutrient application can support robust vegetative growth. Applying BioStim now can help establish a strong foundation for the plant.

  1. Pre-Flowering Stage (R1-R2):

  • Just before and during flowering, soybeans require more nutrients to support the formation of flowers and pods. Foliar application during this period can ensure the plants have sufficient nutrients for reproductive development.

  1. Pod Formation Stage (R3-R4):

  • During pod formation, the demand for nutrients is high. Applying BioStim at this stage can support pod development and seed filling, which are crucial for yield.

Tips for Effective Application:

  • Time of Day: Apply in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight, which can cause rapid evaporation and reduce nutrient uptake.

  • Weather Conditions: Avoid application during rain or when rain is expected shortly after application, as this can wash away the fertilizer.

  • Concentration: Regardless of the product, always follow the manufacturer's recommendations for dilution and concentration.  BioStim can be used alone or in combination with most crop inputs, and can be used to replace water in your tank mix.  We recommend jar testing your specific tank mix prior to use.

  • Frequency: EK-L BioStim may be applied multiple times during the growing season, and can be added with all your foliar applications.

Using EK-L BioStim can be a game changer to boost your crop in mid-season.  Give us a call to discuss using this terrific product on your farm.


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