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Higher Yields, Greater Returns Demonstrated in Spring Vegetable Trials

By Daron Bell

Regional Sales Director/Commercial Technical Agronomy Lead

This spring, we conducted trials in four vegetable crops – bell peppers, squash, snap beans and sweet corn – with excellent results. Each trial demonstrated that growers receive a significant return on investment (ROI) when they use EK-L BioStim in addition to their conventional treatments for fertilization and plant health.

I joined the EnviroKure team in December 2022, so these trials were my first opportunity to see EK-L BioStim go head-to-head against the grower’s standard practice (GSP) in vegetables. I think the results will be as impressive to our customers as they were to me.

Each crop was treated with 5 gallons per acre of EK-L BioStim in each of three applications. The return on investment was calculated using the current price per pound of each crop, and assuming a grower cost for EK-L BioStim of $75 per acre at the 5-gallon rate.

Bell Peppers, Sweet Corn, Squash, Snap Bean ROI Chart
EK BioStim Increases ROI for Vegetables

In each trial, we observed improved plant health and vigor versus the crops grown using the standard protocol. But it was yields that really caught our attention. Here are some highlights:

· Bell Peppers: With higher yields of more than 1,000 pounds per acre, EK-L BioStim had a 7:1 ROI.

· Squash: Squash treated with EK-L BioStim produced more than 4,600 pounds per acre, for an impressive 47:1 grower ROI.

· Snap Beans: An additional 543 pounds per acre of snap beans resulted in a 7:1 ROI.

· Sweet Corn: The sweet corn ROI was 2.5:1, with 765 pounds per acre higher yield.

double-digit yield increases for bell peppers, sweet corn, and squash
Impressive Yield Improvement for Vegetables

As a dent corn and soybean farmer myself, the sweet corn results naturally caught my eye. An additional 765 pounds per acre – equivalent to more than 13.5 bushels per acre – would be an incredible boost to any corn farmer’s bottom line. I’ll be using a foliar application of EK-L BioStim shortly on the soybeans I’ve planted on my farm in Kentucky this year, and I’ll have a first-hand look at what our products can deliver.

I’ve spent 30 years in the agricultural industry, and I personally believe EnviroKure is delivering a cutting-edge technology to improve plant and soil health. I find it gratifying to be able to offer growers a biologically based solution that maximizes their production while protecting their most precious resource – their land.

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