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EK-L BioStim

EK-L BioStim

Empower your crops with EK-L BioStim
  • Optimize nutrient use efficiency

  • Reduce stress

  • Plus, renewed soil health

See what EK-L BioStim can do for you.

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The Benefits of EK-L BioStim


60+ enzymes and metabolic compounds

EnviroKure’s products combine the power of organic nutrients, active microbes, and powerful biostimulants.


Direct Impact
on Soil

Improved abiotic and biotic
stress tolerance.


7 patents awarded
We're home to breakthrough intellectual property for liquid organic biofertilizer and biostimulants.

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Benefits from Planting to Harvest

Better Soil, Stronger Plants, Reduced Stress

EK-L BioStim is effective across crop and soil typles, increasing soil biodiversity, stimulating root and shoot growth 






Garden Soil
"We started using BioStim five years ago as an in-furrow product. We have repeatedly seen visual results of enhanced root growth when compared to a 10-34-0 starter. In fact, we are so pleased with this product, that it has replaced all 10-34-0 in our crop program!"

Mark Bryant, Bryant Agricultural Enterprise, Washington Courthouse, OH

EK-L BioStim for Superior Performance

Dual-action Biofertilizer Plus technology transforms chicken manure into a robust resource of plant and soil important compounds to boost your production.


EK-L BioStim Stands Up to the Competition

Superior for Corn
Foliar Application @ 5 gal/acre
Superior for Soybeans
Foliar Application@ 5 gal/acre
Superior as a Starter
In-Furrow Application@ 5 gal/acre
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No clogging - Filtered through 250 mesh screens

Easy to use with your current spray and irrigation equipment, including drip systems

Apply pre-plant, starter, side dress, foliar or through fertigation

No application restrictions - No re-entry, pre-harvest or manure setback intervals

Product Resources (USA)
Product Resources (California)

Product Resources (USA)
Product Resources (California)

Product Resources (USA)
Product Resources (California)

EK-L BioStim

Foundation product OMRI listed

Biostimulant proven to enhance plant performance from planting through harvest, resulting in higher yield potential.

EK-L Plant Builder 3-0-3

For organic crop production | OMRI & CDFA listed

Combination of EK-L BioStim and organic nutrients, providing organic farmers with all the benefits of the foundation product.

EK-L Super K 0-0-5

For midseason stress reduction | Meets all NOP requirements

EK-L BioStim with 2% sulfur providing all the benefits of the foundation product plus plant growth, yield, and quality-improving K and S.

EK-L BioStim for Easy Use

For benefits from Planting to Harvest

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