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EK-L BioStim

EK-L BioStim


EnviroKure’s patented and aqueous composting technology extracts nutrients and microbes from chicken manure. EK-L BioStim is a proven biostimulant with plant growth-promoting (PGP) compounds, nutrient solubilizing enzymes, and plant available macro and micronutrients.

See what EK-L BioStim can do for you.

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The Benefits of EK-L BioStim


60+ enzymes and metabolic compounds

EnviroKure’s products combine the power of organic nutrients, active microbes, and powerful biostimulants.


Direct Impact
on Soil

Improved abiotic and biotic
stress tolerance.


7 patents awarded
We're home to breakthrough intellectual property for liquid organic biofertilizer and biostimulants.

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Priority Crops

EnviroKure’s products directly affect plant productivity and enhance soil health, leading to higher yields and improved sustainability.







Fruit & Vegetables

Garden Soil
"Better-quality crops, better all-around vigor, ease of use is superior, the price is right, and the customer service is second to none."

Nelson Miller, Highland Organics (Hillsboro,OH)

Yield Increase With Premium Quality

The New Standard in Biostimulants


After application of EK-BioStim at 5 or 10 gallons per acre, we obtained a higher number of fancy peppers at the first and second harvest as compared to the grower program.

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Product Details

EnviroKure is the first company to produce liquid nutrient rich and microbially active from poultry manure. Our production process efficiently transforms manure, without creating any additional waste streams, into a unique, high-value crop input compatible with precision agriculture systems.

EnviroKure offers three products with the flexibility to use as a starter, a side-dress fertilizer, or a foliar spray.

Our products can be used through fertigation and hydroponic systems.

  • Can be used at any stage of plant growth

  • Reliable & easy to use – filtered through 250 mesh screens

  • Use alone or in combination with common conventional and organic crop inputs

  • Safe and dependable with no USDA or FDA safety restrictions or harvest setbacks

Product Resources (USA)
Product Resources (California)

Product Resources (USA)
Product Resources (California)

Product Resources (USA)
Product Resources (California)

EK-L BioStim

Foundation product OMRI listed

Biostimulant proven to enhance plant performance from planting through harvest, resulting in higher yield potential.

EK-L Plant Builder 3-0-3

For organic crop production | OMRI & CDFA listed

Combination of EK-L BioStim and organic nutrients, providing organic farmers with all the benefits of the foundation product.

EK-L Super K 0-0-5

For midseason stress reduction | Meets all NOP requirements

EK-L BioStim with 2% sulfur providing all the benefits of the foundation product plus plant growth, yield, and quality-improving K and S.

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